Who We Work With 



Freeston has a number of litters who all needed socialising before they head off to their new homes. They have all grown in confidence and been more receptive to leave their mum after they have found new homes. 

Dominika & Dominic 

Dominika and Dominic were so excited to join us at Puppy Yoga London. They had never heard of it before and were super excited to see how the husky puppies would take to meetings so many new people. They were quite shy at first but gained so much confidence throughout the class! 


Ollie and Louis

Ollie and Louis have recently joined us to help their puppies gain more confidence when meeting new people. We have had Doberman, Samoyed, Multipoos and Fluffy Frenchies who have all started to show their little personality in our yoga classes. 

Charlie & Elise 

Charlie joined us with his little of French Bulldogs. They were so amazing in the class and it allowed them to run freely with so much more space in our studio.  



Arvydas brought along his German Shepherd puppies. They were so full of life and our attendee's loved playing tug of war with them!