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Puppy Yoga London ™

Practice yoga, followed by puppy cuddles and relaxation. 

Join us every Saturday and Sunday in Hoxton for our
Puppy Yoga and Puppy Therapy Classes


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Welcome to Puppy Yoga London ™

We invite you to relax, unwind, and cuddle

At our Puppy Yoga Classes every Weekend.

Saturdays and Sundays 
We aim to combine the physical benefits of yoga enhanced with the serotonin boost from puppy interaction.

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At our Puppy Therapy Sessions

Saturdays and Sundays (Every Month) 
We are passionate about the mental health benefits that animals provide to help with stress and anxiety.

The Mental Health Foundation states that just by stroking, sitting with or playing with an animal, people are given a chance to relax and calm their mind. 

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And, if you want even more cuddles...


Sooo... Where do the puppies come from?

(And other frequently asked questions)


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