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Terms and Conditions

What is our cancellation policy and other Terms and Conditions.

  • Covid-19?
    At Puppy Yoga London, we take the safety of our customers and staff seriously. Due to the rise of new cases we have implemented the following measures: - Increased cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces - All customers will be required to use hand sanitiser upon arrival inside the venue - We ask that customers do not attend class if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our measures accordingly to ensure the safety of everyone who visits our studio.
  • What is Puppy Yoga?
    Puppy Yoga is a unique yoga practice that combines the therapeutic benefits of yoga with the joy of being surrounded by adorable puppies. It is a way to destress and unwind while also strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. Our 1 hour Puppy Yoga classes at Puppy Yoga London are designed for all yoga levels and are led by experienced instructors who guide you through yoga poses and relaxation techniques while also allowing you to interact with our house-trained puppies. Come and enjoy a fun, playful, and rejuvenating yoga experience with your furry friend at Puppy Yoga London.
  • What is Puppy Therapy?
    Puppy Therapy Offers Customers A Valuable Opportunity To Relax And Spend A Delightful 40 Minutes In The Company Of An Adorable Litter Of Puppies Within Our Beautifully Designed Summer Garden Setting.
  • When Are Tickets Released?
    Tickets are released every Thursday for the following weekend. We don’t release tickets further than one week in advance which has allowed all of our attendees to have a much better chance of getting tickets. Please check the website on Wednesdays to find out the ticket release times as we sometimes release tickets at different times each week in order to accommodate different working schedules. Our Puppy Therapy classes is accessible to wheelchair users only as the classes are located on the ground floor, however please check in with the team at to confirm.
  • I Want To Book 2 or More Tickets?
    Please note if the ticket section is not showing you a drop down list to add more people this simply means there is only 1 space remaining in that session Puppy Yoga class size 18 People Puppy Therapy class size 12 People
  • What Happens During Puppy Yoga?
    During a puppy yoga session at Puppy Yoga London, you'll find yourself practicing yoga in a room filled with playful and adorable puppies. Our certified yoga instructors will lead you through a 20 minute gentle yoga flow followed by a 40 minutes puppy play time that incorporates plenty of puppy cuddles and interactions Our aim is to provide a fun and unique yoga experience that benefits both the mind and body. Please note that the puppies are carefully supervised during the class and all necessary precautions are taken to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
  • What Happens In Puppy Therapy?
    During a typical puppy therapy session, participants are surrounded by playful and affectionate puppies. The puppies are free to roam around and interact with you as they see fit, providing a fun and stress-relieving environment. Puppy therapy has been shown to boost mood, reduce anxiety, and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. We create an enclosed white picket fence garden environment with blankets, pillows and puppy toys At Puppy Therapy London, we offer a variety of puppy therapy sessions for individuals and groups, as well as private sessions for those who prefer a more personalised experience. When you arrive simply take off your shoes, take a seat, relax and just enjoy your cuddles with the pups 🐶 Come join us and experience the joy of puppy therapy for yourself. Our Puppy Therapy classes is accessible to wheelchair users only as the classes are located on the ground floor, however please check in with the team at to confirm.
  • How Is The Class Scheduled?
    Puppy Yoga classes will run for approximately 1 hour with 25 minutes yoga, followed by the puppies joining you in your session ending with playtime with the puppies. Puppy Therapy classes run for 40 minutes and it is just you and 11 other participants in a garden themed play pen with the puppies.
  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
    1. (Within One Hour of Purchase) We allow changes to your booking within one hour of placing your order. This can include a full refund or a change to your session date and time depending on class availability. Please email to amend your booking or receive a refund. 2. (72 hours Prior To Your Booking) If you can no longer attend your pre-booked session, we can provide a gift voucher equivalent to the value of your original booking to rebook your session. This voucher is valid for 3 months. Please email to cancel your booking and redeem your voucher. 3. (Less Than 72 Hours' Notice) If you are no longer able to attend or have a sudden emergency preventing you from attending you are allowed to transfer your ticket to a family or friend. Please contact the number you received in your event confirmation email on the day only.
  • What Dates Are You Open In Christmas 2024?
    We will be hosting the following sessions in December 14th & 15th and 21st & 22nd We will return back to regular weekend classes from 7th / 8th January 2025. Tickets are released every Thursday for the following weekend only
  • What Breed Will Be Joining Us?
    We aim to announce the puppy breeds before the event, but due to the event's dynamic nature, we cannot always guarantee a specific breed, and last-minute changes may occur. Our team regularly checks in with the puppy owners throughout the puppies' lives, particularly about a week before the event. To find out the puppy breed, please visit our site on Wednesdays
  • How Much Is Your Gift Cards?
    Gifts cards are valid for one year from the purchase date. Due to our vouchers being e-vouchers and due to the high volume of vouchers we receive we are unable to make any amendments such as name changes to vouchers once purchased Puppy Yoga - £35 for 1 person and £70 for 2 people Puppy Therapy - £30 for 1 person and £60 for 2 people
  • I am Pregnant Can I Join?
    We welcome women who are pregnant as we believe movement is amazing for the body, but during pregnancy, it is advised that anyone pregnant should be cautious when exploring forms of exercise that your body isn't already familiar with before taking classes and making sure you consult with your doctor. This doesn't mean you can't attend a session however it is advised that you listen to your body. When booking via our website please ensure you tick the correct boxes so the team will be aware of your pregnancy
  • Where Are Your Sessions Based?
    Our Puppy Yoga/ Puppy Therapy sessions are held at 42 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB every weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
  • What is The Age Limit Allowed In Your Classes?
    We allow attendees from 6+ years old. We allow a maximum of two under 16-year-olds per booking - as long as an adult (21+) has also purchased a ticket and is present in the class with them for health and safety reasons. Any children who are not well-behaved in the class will, unfortunately, be asked to leave. Please note only paying participants are permitted inside the venue Puppy Yoga: Tickets at £35 for both Adults and Children Puppy Therapy: Tickets are £29.99 for both Adults and Children
  • Do You Offer Puppy Yoga Brunch?
    We currently do not offer Puppy Yoga Brunch however there are a few restaurants near our studio that you can check out via google Our address is; Held House, 42 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
  • Can I Bring My Own Pup?
    Unfortunately you cannot bring along any furry friends to our sessions due to health and safety even if they are vaccinated.
  • Do Your Venues Have Changing Facilities?
    The majority of our venues do not have multiple changing facilities on site however there is always one bathroom for you to get changed in if need be, but please be aware that our sessions aim to start on time therefore we advise you to come already prepared for your Puppy Yoga session. If you are in a private group, please arrange with your booking manager if your group will need to change before and or after the class.
  • What Happens If I Have An Incident/ Accident In The Session?
    At Puppy Yoga London, the safety and well-being of our clients are our top priority. If you experience an incident or accident during a session, please alert the instructor or staff immediately so they can provide any necessary first aid and assist you in seeking medical attention if needed. We take all incidents seriously and will fully investigate the situation to prevent future occurrences. We have trained instructors and staff on-site who are equipped to handle any emergencies. By attending our sessions you understand that there are risks inherent to participating in the session, including but not limited to injury and physical harm to yourself or others. You will not hold Puppy Yoga London Ltd. or any of its staff liable for any damages that occur from the session
  • Do I Need To Bring My Own Mat?
    No, all yoga mats will be provided and will be cleaned after every session You are more than welcome to bring your own along, however we can't promise it wont be chewed on by a naughty pup!
  • How Many Puppies Will Be In The Session?
    While every litter is different, we aim to have at least a ratio of 1:3 puppy to person in our puppy yoga sessions. As we have weekly health checks with the puppy owners, changes may occur but we will keep attendees updated as best as possible.
  • Do I Have To Be An Expert At Yoga To Attend?
    Not at all! All of our classes are beginner friendly. We do encourage anyone with movement limitations or is far along in their pregnancy to try our Puppy Therapy sessions instead.
  • Where Is The Nearest Train Station and Parking Information?
    Nearest Train/Tube Stations: Old Street (6-minute walk) or Hoxton (9-minute walk) Parking: Pay and Display around Hoxton Square
  • Statement
    In light of the allegations towards our industry, we want to reassure you of our commitment to animal welfare however, as time has passed more companies have cropped up over the years which were featured in the ITV segment. I can assure you that we were not involved or showcased in this segment and we do not condone the actions of those who were shown. Everyone at Puppy Yoga London distances ourselves from any malpractice or unethical conduct within the puppy yoga industry. We acknowledge that certain competitors have engaged in activities that are not aligned with our principles. It is essential to recognise that such actions do not reflect the values and standards upheld by Puppy Yoga London. Our classes are designed to provide a joyful experience, both for our four-legged friends and attendees. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that in every class we have Puppy first aiders as well as puppy socialisation courses to continue our knowledge and learning in how to care for and keep our pups safe. Our instructors are not only highly skilled in guiding our customers through their yoga practice, but they are also passionate about nurturing a safe and enjoyable environment for our furry companions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of animal welfare and ensure that our puppies receive the love, care, and attention they deserve. To outline some of the practices that differentiate our approach; Provide safety demonstrations including mandating rules to protect puppies during the sessions and ensure awareness of breed-specific considerations. Recognise the importance of sleep to puppies and manage our session structure to ensure they receive 30-40 minutes of undisturbed sleep per session. Ensure a constant supply of water during and between sessions for puppies is available. Understanding feeding times and ensuring the breeder/ or the Puppy Yoga London team has adequate time to feed puppies. Measure and manage temperatures for puppies and only use air-conditioned or controlled studio spaces. We spray the studio and the yoga mats with Parvo-Virucide which is a disinfectant/cleaner to kill any germs proven by The Central Vet Laboratory. Sanitise participant's hands before entry with hand sanitiser. We ask all participants to take off their shoes before entering the studio to prevent the risk of catching any diseases and parasites . This is also done to prevent toxocariasis which is an infection caused by small worms found in the poo of some dogs, cats and foxes. All of our toys are washed at 90° to kill all the nasties at the end of the day. In every class there will be Puppy First aiders and Canine first Aid Trained staff. Staff are also trained in The Principles of Puppy Socialisation At Puppy Yoga London we empathise with the concerns raised by recent events and welcome all matters related to animal welfare in the context of puppy yoga and puppy events. We are committed to addressing any questions or concerns raised by our customers, partners, and the public, and we will continue to be transparent in all animal welfare conversations.
  • Where Do The Puppies Come From?
    Our puppies come from owners and breeders who see the benefits of socialisation and want their puppies socialised before they go off to their new homes. The puppies are between 8 - 12 weeks old and come from loving homes where they are cared for until they are ready to venture off to their new homes.
  • How Do You Make The Session Safe For The Puppies?
    All the puppies that join us will all have had their first injection. As some of the puppies won't have their second vaccination until after they go to their new homes we make it a priority to have the studio fully sanitised. At the beginning of the class, the floor is mopped with bleach at a ratio of 32:1 prior to the pups going on it. All of our toys are washed at 90° to kill all the nasties at the end of each session. We ask all participants to take off their shoes before entering the studio to prevent the risk of catching any diseases and parasites .This is also done to prevent toxocariasis which is an infection caused by small worms found in the poo of some dogs, cats and foxes so it is vital that when we ask for your shoes to be taken off so please do so accordingly. Any wheelchairs in our Puppy Therapy sessions* will be required to have the wheels wiped down with Parvo-Virucide. *Currently our Puppy Therapy is accessible however please check in with the team at to confirm. As we do not allow participants to stand up with a puppy in our sessions, we will make sure all wheelchair users will get as much puppy time as possible so we we will have an extra member of staff present to make sure wheelchair users are able to cuddle and play with the puppies from a higher distance. We spray all the yoga maps with Parvo-Virucide which is a disinfectant/cleaner to kill any germs proven by The Central Vet Laboratory. We have very strict rules in places in order to protect the puppies please do make sure your phones are on silence when the team are conducting the health and safety briefing. Please do ask the team if you are unsure on how to hold a puppy, our events team will be more than happy to demonstrate this again after the initial demonstration.
  • Please Explain The Benefits of Socialisation And Why The Puppies Join Your Class?
    All the puppies that come to us are from owners who don't have the facilities at home to socialise the puppies outside of their home environment. Our classes are essentially puppy daycare, it allows the puppies to socialise with new people in different environments which creates less separation anxiety when they officially go off to the new homes. After their socialisation session they return home to their mum each day and each week they get more and more confident leaving her for a few hours. They are only with us for a few weeks during their socialisation period, after this time they will all go to their new families and start their new lives as much more confident dogs than they begin with.
  • What Qualifications Do You Have?
    In every class there will be Puppy First aiders and Canine first Aid Trained staff. Staff are also trained in The Principles of Puppy Socialisation
  • How Much Sleep Do The Puppies Get In Puppy Yoga?
    Our classes start with a 15-20 minute yoga session to ensure we have dedicated 30-40 minutes of quiet time by themselves between the sessions. They may decide to sleep, have some dinner or just play in this period. If the puppies are asleep when their playtime starts, we will place the puppies on their anxiety beds so they can continue to sleep until they are ready to wake up.
  • Puppies and Mum?
    Our sessions are a great way for the mother to gradually detach herself from the puppies prior to them leaving for their forever homes. The short amount of time the pups are away from mum is beneficial for both her and the pups as it can help the natural weaning process and help develop puppy independence and confidence. It's also important that mum is also provided with rest to avoid any unnecessary stress on her especially from the pups wishing to still suckling (with sharp puppy teeth)
  • Are The Puppies Up For Sale Or Adoption?
    Puppy Yoga London doesn't buy, sell, rent or re-home any of the puppies. Our job is simply to provide an environment where they can socialise. Majority of the puppies will already have homes to go to after their socialisation period.
  • Are You Recruiting?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have any job vacancies however please feel free to send your CV to and someone will be touch 😊
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